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In the wake of the financial crisis, Elizabeth Warren became a national figure. From being the key to the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to trying to establish a new version of the Glass-Stegall banking regulations.

Her heroic efforts in the fight against Wall Street and corporate America got her elected to the senate. When she was first elected, it was a celebratory moment for progressive Democrats in America. She started her political career as a progressive titan.

Then through 2014 to 2015, there was a grassroots movement to get Elizabeth Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee in 2016. However, she decided not to run and instead the progressive movement moved to support Bernie Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren’s support from the progressive movement went from ecstatic to disappointment when Elizabeth Warren refused to support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Instead she supported Hillary Clinton in a move that angered a vast number of progressives.

There was further disappointment when Elizabeth Warren did not take a firm stance against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Further still, she decided to approve Ben Carson to be head of the housing department.

However, Elizabeth Warren, deserves forgiveness in my opinion because I believe there seems to be logical explanations for her lack of willingness to endorse Bernie, not to mention some of her bad decision making.

I suspect that Elizabeth Warren was considering running for president in 2016, but knowing that Hillary Clinton was going to run, she knew a victory would be immensely difficult (even though Barack Obama was successful back in 2008). I think Elizabeth Warren sees herself like Barack Obama. As a possible progressive firebrand who can promise hope and change in America (and deliver).

So, I suspect what happened in the Democratic primary was that Elizabeth Warren wanted to support Bernie Sanders. But she probably thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the primaries. Just as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders was afraid to lose to Donald Trump, she wanted to get Progressive Support for Hillary Clinton.

I would not be surprised if Elizabeth Warren decided to endorse Hillary so that if she decided to run in the next presidential election, she can be another Obama candidate. Being loved by progressive Democrats and appeal to moderate Democrats as well.

I don’t particularly excuse Elizabeth Warren’s actions surrounding Bernie Sanders because we all know that if Elizabeth Warren decided to endorse Bernie, it could have helped him a ton.

When it comes to Dakota Access Pipeline, I do not have a full-length theory of why she was so late in expressing why she was against the pipeline. Perhaps she didn’t want to be seen straying too far from Obama’s stance on it? I don’t know.

In regards to the Ben Carson situation. Elizabeth Warren explained through a Facebook post how she sent him questions surrounding the position. Apparently, she was moderately impressed with his answers. She also acknowledged the difficulties surrounding blocking a Trump appointment with the Democrats having the minority in the Senate.

Now I believe that a lot of the disdain and critique toward Elizabeth Warren is justifiable from the progressive perspective. However, she has often fought for the right causes, and day by day continues to fight against Donald Trump and Wall Street.

Besides Ben Carson, she has disapproved every Trump nominee including Betsy Devos, Tom Price, Jeff Sessions and others. In January, she even tried to pass legislation that would force Donald Trump to divest from his business assets.

Say what you want about Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic establishment still fears her. She has apparently been called the devil by Wall Street executives. How can you not like someone like that?

Elizabeth Warren may not be perfect, but who is? You’d be hard pressed to find a senator who stands up to Wall Street like her. If progressives dismiss everyone who wakes a mistake or says one wrong thing, there will be no one… left to support.


  1. I’m not voting for any more pragmatists, Bernie included. Warren had the same choice you and I did; vote with the conscience or against it. These fogbound beltway progressives will trade a whole movement and everyone in it for a few nice words in a platform statement that means zilch post-election. There will be progressive Democrats I’ll vote for, but they won’t be the back down and play nice kind.

  2. From a political science perspective she has done nothing wrong? Perhaps! But from a human perspective she did nothing right in this matter. And that course was ineffective. Sometimes pragmatism doesn’t work.

  3. Being an “Obama” Candidate is NOT a Progressive attribute.. If anything it will be considered to be a Fault, as Obama was/is more a NeoLiberal 3rd Way DINO than a Progressive.

    Warren has Burned her own Reputation,… she is No longer Trustworthy as a “Progressive”, and is Probably Singularly responsible for Electing Trump, buy withholding her Endorsement of Bernie in Massachusetts primary!!! Th writer offers No proof or facts to explain her actions, except suppositions that were rejected long ago by Real Progressives…. IF Warren runs as a Democrat in 2020 (doubtful) she Will NOT Win!!

    Like Al Franken…. She is Done with Progressives!!!
    We will NEVER forget her treachery!!

  4. From a political science perspective, Elizabeth Warren has done nothing wrong, consequently I do not understand the criticism being directed toward him. From a political historical perspective Warren recognized that pragmatic progressivism needed to have support within the legislative system. Hence the best way that the “progressive element” (I’m tired of the “wing” and the “base”) can support Sen. Warren and the principles she fights for her is to create a supportive movement that moves from the local level upward toward the level of federal offices, including the Presidency.


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