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Climate Change is real

97% of climate scientists agree that we are seeing climate change in a way that has never been seen before. Especially relevant is that those same scientists also believe that humans are having a direct effect on that change.

Seems universal, but in the United States those numbers are just an indication of a far reaching hoax on the people. Those that believe in the hoax idea cannot actually explain why it is a hoax. On top of that they cannot explain why scientists would perpetrate this kind of hoax. Climate change is real and humans have caused it.

The Industrial Revolution

We can trace the extreme nature of climate change back to the Industrial Revolution. Up to that point, the vast majority of the world was agrarian. Farmers, hunters and gatherers; this was how humans flourished. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution we witnessed a sharp curve in the population line.

Consider this: most laws cutting down on emissions and waste put out by businesses did not begin showing up until the 20th Century. And these laws were mostly implemented post 1960. Most historians agree that the Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th Century. However, there are some historians that believe it actually began in the late 17th Century. If we just look at the late 1700s that would be around 150 years of no oversight.

There has been a lot of waste and pollution released into our environment because of that huge gap in time.

Simplification doesn’t mean it is not real

Fox News, right wing radio, right wing politicians and their followers love to simplify climate change as a way to make it seem like it is not happening. They love winter. In winter every time it snows they like to point to that as fact that climate change is not real.

Senator James Inhofe famously carried a snowball onto the Senate floor to disprove climate change. There has been no word about his thoughts that parts of Oklahoma hit 100 degrees in February. No word either on his thoughts regarding the first time in recorded history that Chicago reported no measurable snowfall in January AND February.

Having said that, simply looking at climate change through a localized viewer allows the deniers their ammunition. As a result it allows them to protect themselves from seeing the extreme weather elsewhere in the world that is occurring because of climate change.

What’s the deal with CO2

CO2, also known as carbon dioxide, is one of the favorite false flags of Republicans. I am not entirely sure why they have a fascination with CO2 admissions. They have said some really crazy things when it comes to that little carbon. And one of their favorites is that if CO2 is having an effect on the climate is it not just as likely because of cows farting? Yes I am serious. American politicians have become more and more ignorant about science as the years have gone by.

Which brings us to Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA. He is the former Oklahoma Attorney General. Pruitt sued the EPA several times on behalf of oil and gas companies as Attorney General.

In an interview, Mr. Pruitt, who is not a scientist in any capacity, had some interesting things to say about CO2. He believes that CO2 emissions do not play that much of a role in climate change (which he does not believe in). This is all in response to reports that Trump is about to order an easing of emission standards in vehicles.

Neither man is asking any scientists about this information. No they are gathering their information from oil and gas scientists (many of whom do not believe in climate change or are faking ignorance to make money).

With the Trump Administration filled with climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists, Republicans will bring the United States back to that 150 year gap in time before any government oversight.

Please join Progressive Spring and the People’s Climate Movement March in Washington D.C. on April 29th, 2017. Help us Resist!


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