Democratic Values, Tom Perez
Tom Perez as Labor Secretary

If you’ve witnessed, as I have, interviews with Obama’s handpicked New DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, you may have realized his rhetoric is as empty as Hillary Clinton and most Republicans. Whenever he’s questioned about how to turn the Democratic Party around, he suggests that if the party sticks to their Democratic values, they’ll be okay.

Perez’s responses have been void of any detail. When pressed to explain, he simply repeats the same mundane answers. “We lead with our values and we lead with our actions” he says, right before attacking Donald Trump. Like Clinton during the campaign, he just can’t say what Democrats stand for, other than they aren’t Trump.

What have Democratic values been of late anyway? The real answer is too embarrassing of a message to publicly relay. It’s why democrats have reduced themselves to talking in empty platitudes and they wonder why it rings hallow with voters.

Bill Clinton changed what Democratic values are a long time ago and the party is paying a heavy price. Bill gutted welfare, he deregulated Wall Street, further deregulated the media and completely forgot about the middle class. Democrats, from Bill, to Gore, Pelosi, Obama and then Hillary, have all been bought and paid to ignore the electorate. Just like Republicans.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed. Even after Hillary Clinton lost to the most unpopular candidate in history. I’m sure a lot of you out there will blame Russia, the electoral college, or even Bernie Sanders, but that’s hiding from the truth. The democrats had no message, other than they were not as rude as Trump.

A new study suggests Clinton lost in large part due to terrible messaging. According to a study published by the Wesleyan Media Project. Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran TV ads that had less to do with policy than any other presidential candidate in the past four presidential races.

The study shows that 90 percent of Clinton’s attack ads went after Trump as an individual. As dreadful as Trump’s policies were (and now are), Clinton didn’t bother to call him out on them. Trump did his fair share of attacking Clinton, but his ads had both attacks and policy together.

It’s clear following the election that saying you’re better than someone else on a personal level does not win over voters. As a Canadian, I can attest to this. In 2015, the Conservative Party ran an extremely negative and personal campaign against Justin Trudeau. Trudeau on the other hand ignored the attacks, ran a genuinely positive campaign and went on to win a majority government. Negative campaigns without policy initiatives never win elections.

Voters in America have been screwed by the system since the Reagan era. That’s a fact. Money in politics is the lead culprit. Trump saw that and capitalized on it (for his own gain). Bernie Sanders saw it too and Democrats essentially robbed the country of a progressive President who has good values and a positive policy platform.

Since the election in November, Bernie Sanders has become the most popular politician in America at 61% approval. The democrats however are at 36%, a few points higher than Sanders’ disapproval rating. Why are Democrats refusing to jump on the Bernie bandwagon and use his message that resonates with both Democratic and Republican voters? It seems like an obvious winning strategy, but they are paid not to. The Corporate powers that be pay for Republicans to win, and for Democrats to lose.

Bernie is out there right now pushing for universal healthcare after the Obamacare replacement failure. Where are the rest of the Democrats? In every interview, Bernie speaks about income inequality, but he does it with actual solutions, not empty clichés. This is why he’s so popular, and Democrats dismiss him. It’s mindboggling.

I don’t care if you were a Hillary or Bernie supporter. That fight was over months ago, but the Democratic party must open its eyes and see the error of its ways. You need a message to stand behind. Policies sweet enough for the American people to sink their teeth into.

Values will never win an election. Trump has fewer values than most politicians that came before him and he’s our President. If Perez and the DNC decide to double down on their so-called values, Democrats will not fair well in 2018. They may even lose further ground. Is that what you want?


  1. Every thing I hear from Trump voters says that Hillary lost, not due to substantive issues, but because:
    a) The trumpkin buys into the anti-immigrant anti-muslim xenophobia.
    b) Listen and reads Murdoch-media crapola, swallows all the koolaid, brain full of sh*t.
    c) Corollary to (b): Has attention span of 2 weeks, if that long. Knows zip about history.
    d) Me-firster, screw the rest. (eg, “If Obamacare passes, there’ll be too few doctors to go around, I might have to wait a bit to see someone.”) (“I might lose my white middle-class privilege.”)
    e) Desperate – and again, screw the rest. Already lost their white middle-class privilege, hard times, and it’s all the fault of them Mexicans.

  2. Quite Mike: American citizens were being screwed way before Ronald Reagan became president. With 7 decades under my belt, I recall many people being screwed during my great grandparents’, grandparents’ & parents’ lives.

    You may be too young to have experiences in America of my caliber, but keep living in your “rhetorical” dream world.

    No politician has much of substance or truth to tell anyone. They say what they think you want to hear. Trump was a different & vulgar and showed no knowledge of how to run this country. He seemed more consumed with things that would not make things better for America, including talking about his rich male privileges when it comes to women.


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