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Whenever I’ve argued with people that religion serves no purpose, they’ve argued back that on the contrary, it helps provide stability to those who need it. We could very well just leave it at that and in most cases, I generally agree and generally do. But all that gets chucked out the window when you realize that one should never trust an indoctrinator.

This is the case when it comes to the Republican candidate to represent Alabama for the US Senate, Roy Moore. It is in this case that religion provides him with the stability he needs to pad his criminal intentions and therefore, be more accessible to voters who claim the moral high-ground. We see this clearly in light of the recent allegations reported by the Washington Post that Roy Moore was a pedophile.

The keyword here is “was” because there’s no indication that he still is. The report revealed that the claims by the victims go back to the late seventies, forty-years ago since the candidate was “dating” younger girls. In fact, Roy Moore vehemently denied that the allegations were true when the report was first released.

The former Chief Justice for the Alabama Supreme Court actually released a statement of denial right before the report was published in order to “head the allegations off at the pass.” But the next day, he admitted to knowing some of the women who had come forward and admitted to dating younger women when he was in his 30s but denied knowing the one woman who accused him of sexual assault when she was 14-years-old.

Roy Moore is one of the many Trump-style politicians who threaten America with their extreme brand of religious conservatism. Moore has the support of a vile peddler of conservative extremism via Breitbart News, Steve Bannon; who has promised to wage war against “establishment” Republicans using candidates like Moore. While Bannon hasn’t been known to promote his faith, Roy Moore has.

This is, of course, assuming that the former judge actually has a faith that he isn’t using to advance his agenda. But we see less evidence of this with the candidate and his supporters coming out to defend him against the allegations using Bible scripture to do so. The state auditor Jim Ziegler defended Moore’s pedophilia saying to the Washington Examiner that there was also an age gap with Jesus’ parents where Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult.

Ziegler obviously made the reference because he knew that his argument would dare the indoctrinated to challenge Moore’s sexual encounters. Those criticizing Jesus — much less Jesus’ parents — risk being stigmatized by their communities and so Ziegler’s comment effectively divides voters.

But anyone willing to challenge this should be able to defy Ziegler’s statement by acknowledging that Mary and Joseph are nothing more than fictional characters. Ziegler nonetheless, used the comparison to say that there was nothing immoral or illegal, even though such alleged encounters are illegal throughout Alabama and everywhere else if not frowned upon.

Moore using religion to defend criminal acts is familiar territory for him as he defied the federal court as a judge when he was ordered to remove a Ten Commandments monument. Then, Chief Justice, Moore commissioned the monument to have it put in front of the Alabama Judicial Building.

A district court judge said that the monument put up by the “Ayatollah of Alabama” (a nickname he’s earned by his critics – also, my phrase and not the judge’s) violated the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution. The Chief Justice’s refused to remove it defied a federal court order and he was removed from his position by the state’s Court of the Judiciary.

Running to religion for safety is also much like Kevin Spacey running to the gay community as a safe haven over recent allegations of pedophilia. Much like Moore, the initial reports on Spacey go back decades. Thanks to the common statute of limitations, many of these acts would have happened too long ago to have any legal impact today.

But social stigma seems to be picking up the slack, sending people like Moore and Spacey to scramble for their safe havens. Others across different industries have lost their powerful positions due to many sexual allegations against them, no matter how old the allegations are.

And while we’ve seen a dramatic push-back from the gay community with regards to Spacey, the religious community is allowing itself to be manipulated by the defense for Roy Moore, undeniable proof that nothing good comes out of a belief that defends pedophilia.


  1. If Mr. Moore was a pedophile, his probably still is a pedophile. I have not the benefit of being able to determine the facts of the case and that will (or will not) be a matter for a court. I do disagree with his politics, but that doesn’t mean that I must believe every charged levied against him.

    • About the only thing we have to determine the matter at all is what the Washington Post wrote about it. Now, I’m on the side of the journalistic integrity from the Post.

      Why? Because the Trump climate is to do the equivalent of believing every charge that’s levied against him and call every report about the allegations, fake news.

      Now, it is quite possible to say one thing and do the complete opposite or at least, practice some restraint. For instance, we’re at a war against people like Roy Moore, be them pederasts or right-wing extremists.

      So, lobbing such charges is absolutely a must in order to prevent him from getting elected, even before evidence which might very well only confirm what has already been reported.

      But we don’t even need that evidence to see the mechanics of indoctrination at play here, just to change the view against the allegations. That’s still what this particular piece is about.

  2. I believe in waiting until evidence and proof are provided. An accused has the right to face his/her accuser and defend himself/herself. So, let’s see what comes forth in this matter.

    If any man or female propositions or have sexual contact with a minor—anyone under 18 years old, male or female who do not have full legal & adult rights in society—, it’s a real problem for me. Thus, this matter is a problem.

    Further, if any adult—Christian or whatever religion or beliefs—is okay with a minor being in a sexual situation or relationship with an adult, there is something strange and possibly devious about them. Or, maybe to see if the will practice what they preach, allow old men to prey on their 14, 16 & 17 year old children and grandchildren. Let’s see what they say. Then, and only then, can we find out if these people who are okay with the situation really believe their positions. It’s easy to stand by & let other people’s children be sexually harassed or abused. It’s another matter when it is close to your heart and family.

    May God bless all who have experienced sexual misconduct or abuse. Hopefully, they can tell their stories and one day find peace, particularly if those involved and caused the matter are brought to justice.

    • I’m well aware of waiting until the evidence is presented. So far, due to the statue of limitations in these cases, about the only thing that would happen to Roy Moore is that he will be forced out of the race.

      Let’s not forget that he is still representing the Republican Party in its current form. Once the party becomes Tea Party/Breitbartised, there will be less resistance to the allegations of pedophilia and with it, a further weakening of where society draws the line.

      Let’s also look at the purpose that religion serves. As I said at the beginning of the piece, at the very least people who practice it claim that it helps others which is true but only up to a certain point. Let’s presume that a person who needs the help, no longer needs it after a certain point and doesn’t have to revisit it again, over and over like a zealot?

      Those who continue to do so might very well take the path of opportunity where they use it for their own means and in this case, Roy Moore would use it to defend his immoral impulses, just as he would use his power over others.

      We’ve already seen him do this, preaching at everyone, violating the constitution with the Ten Commandments monument which he used his power as Alabama Supreme Court Justice to commission. He’s also defied the court after they removed him from the bench, twice and waved his pistol around after winning the primary.

      He’s also ridden around on a horse, overly eccentric to match with all of his other defiant signatures of power to match. Specifically for him, it’s just a further confirmation of his defiance against those against him, especially when he laughs at the rule of law.

      Let’s also look at the endless reports of cardinals, bishops and priests being purged from the Catholic church for their sexual deviancy. Do we need evidence for those allegations? Some would say that their purge was not enough evidence against them.

      All of these are symbols of defiance through indoctrination and positions of power. We know them all too well, but to hold out for the “evidence” is only delaying the obvious.


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