About Progressive Spring

Our Mission, Our Principles and Who We Be

Our Mission:

Progressive Spring is a progressive liberal website dedicated to bringing you honest reporting and opinion on topics not often covered in the mainstream media. We cover American and Canadian politics, environmental issues, economic issues, health issues, the LGBT community and many more.

Progressive Spring was created to counter the growing corporate and right-wing media machine that no longer looks after the interests of ordinary citizens. We also aim to counter the poisonous policies of President Trump as well as the Republican Party at ever level of government.

We are a completely independent organization free of government and corporate interests.

Our Principles:

Progressive Spring never censors the publication of articles based solely on the story’s topic, we do however reserve the right to keep the content free of hate speech. We will publish no material that unjustly¬†belittles a person’s race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.

We try our hardest to get the facts straight, but if you find material deemed to be factually inaccurate, please contact the author or the website so that we may look into the matter and make any necessary corrections.

The editors and site administrators reserve the right to pull any content deemed by them to be inappropriate.

Who We Be:

Our staff of writers, cartoonists and editors comes from all walks of life and locations including the United States, Canada and Great Britain.


Mike Weishar – Marketing
Brian Chamberlain – Web Design
Wendy Cooper – Legal Matters
Tish Talbert – Artist


  • Mike Weishar


  • Mike Weishar
  • Julian Drury
  • Sean Everett


  • Wendy Cooper
  • Rusty Inman

For a full list of writers, please see the author section and feel free to contact them.