Angela Haseltine Pozzi, plasic

Turning our Plastic Tragedy into Art

Someone is creating environmental awareness by creating plastic animals from the debris that is killing the real ones
flint water crisis

The Flint Water Crisis: How an Entire City was Poisoned by the State

To add injury to insult, it has taken Governor Snyder two years to respond to the crises
ted Cruz science

Ted Cruz is Insulting to Science

He may appear to come off as smart, but the only people he’s fooling are his own followers
Leap Manifesto

Introducing the Leap Manifesto

The heavily supported, most progressive and most needed policy platform since the new deal
military coup

Large Percentage of Republicans Support a Military Coup

A surprising number of Americans would support an unconstitutional overthrowing of the government if it violated the constitution
colorado spill

Colorado Spill: The River Runs Orange

While trying to clean up the past, the EPA has accidentally jeopardized the future
Alberta Oil Spill

The Alberta Oil Spill the Media Isn’t Covering

One of the biggest land based oil spills in North America occurred last week in the heart of Canada's oil country
Shannon Grove

Shannon Grove: California’s Drought Caused by Abortion

Yet another Republican who believe's in God's wrath more than Mother Nature and science
Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Santa Barbara Oil Spill: 2015 Edition

Despite the regulations put in place nation wide since the '69 Santa Barbara spill, oil companies continue to pollute with near impunity
Earth Day

Earth Day Plus 45

After forty-five Earth Days, government action is more necessary than ever

Nestle Is Taking Away Our Water

Why are we letting a big corporation take our water and sell it back to us?
california drought

Ways to Tackle the Extreme California Drought

The Golden State has suffered through drought before, but this time Californians are going to need more than a prayer or rain dance
keystone xl pipeline

Opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline for the Right Reasons

The strongest argument against Keystone is a simple stand against more oil from any source

Hacking and Fracking

The two domestic news makers of the week should have us concerned for the future
Mitch McConnell

Planet Earth Whimpers after Mitch McConnell Wins Big

Perhaps the greatest consequence of the Republican victory last week is the damage it will do to our environment
climate change statistics, polar bear arrested

Ten Climate Change Statistics you need to Know

In the spirit of the People's Climate March in New York last week, here are ten climate change statistics that will help keep the conversation going
climate change denial

Canada is still in Climate Change Denial

Why did Canada's Prime Minister visit the United Nations this week? It wasn't for the right reason...
Reasons Americans should reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

Five Reasons Americans should reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

Speaking as an honest Canadian, there are many reasons Americans should reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. Some are rather obvious, but others are not as well known. These are just a few I could think of.

No One Denies Climate Change Like the Media

Barack Obama delivered a much advertised speech on climate change on Tuesday, but when the time came you couldn't see or hear him. Instead the media decided to cover the day’s developments in the Trayvon Martin case, the where in the world is Edward Snowden saga and the SCOTUS’s gutting of the Voting Rights act.