Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks

Why I Would Never Vote for Dwayne Johnson

The Rock jokes that he is a better candidate for president than President Trump, but that’s not good enough.
progressive policies

Five Progressive Policies that Liberals Need to Support

Contrary to the establishment’s narrative, most Progressives aren’t purists, but we do have simple demands
donald trump, fake populism

Donald Trump and the Alt-Right do not Represent Populism

The mainstream media and the DC establishment need to be reminded of what populism really means
Barack Obama, legal bribery

Why are Liberals So Tolerant of Legal Bribery?

Wall Street offering money to Barack Obama for speeches is legal, but should never be accepted
Confederate Monuments

Down with Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

Most Louisiana residents oppose the removal, but don't understand the Confederacy shouldn't be honored
Progressives, Bernie Sanders

Progressives Still Have Mountains to Climb

Despite the Bernie Sanders boost, progressives still have an uphill battle on multiple fronts
Legal Marijuana in Canada

Legal Marijuana in Canada will soon be a Reality, but…

The legislation put forth by the Liberal Government to legalize weed is so bad, you'd think it was written by conservatives
Democrats and Republicans

Democrats and Republicans are not One in the Same

Once you leave the leadership of the parties, there are very stark differences between the Democratic and Republican base
Debate on Social Media

Debate on Social Media is being Drowned out by Insults and Hate

Having a constructive conversation on-line without getting insulted is nearly impossible
Democratic Values, Tom Perez

Democrats Need to Stop Leading with their So-Called Democratic Values

If Democrats want a chance in future elections, they better start changing their message
Razorbacks stadium, Arkansas legislature

Arkansas Legislature Cares More for Sports than its Citizens

When it comes to guns, Arkansas won't listen to you unless sports is involved
Women's History Month

A Women’s History Month to Remember

How hope for women's rights were lost and found at the beginning of the Trump Administration
shree chauhan, Sean Spicer

The Danger of Eugenics: Shree Chauhan vs. Sean Spicer

In questioning the White House spokesperson, Shree Chauhan reveals Sean Spicer's true beliefs
Female Pioneers

Fifteen Female Pioneers and their Contributions

A substantial female contribution to human knowledge
Neoliberal Politicians

Progressives Will No Longer Settle For Neoliberal Politicians

If Democrats don’t embrace progressive values, they’ll never win again
elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren Deserves Forgivness

Despite some bad decisions, Warren is still a progressive titan
party unity ellison perez

Establishment Democrats Beg for Party Unity, Progressives Aren’t Buying It

If the establishment wanted party unity, they shouldn't have ran Tom Perez in the first place
nicole, snowflakes

My Daughter and I are not Snowflakes

Teaching my daughter to question things, be kind and empathetic does not make us "snowflakes"
Justice Democrats

Justice Democrats and the Take Over of the Democratic Party

The plan of progressive minded "Justice Democrats" to take over the Democratic Party must succeed
March on Washington

Women of the World March on Washington

From Washington, to my hometown of Montreal, women are grabbing back