Jason Kenney, Trump muslim ban

Trump’s Muslim Ban: Brutal, Ham-Fisted Act of Demagogic Political Theatre

Canada’s Former Conservative Minister of Immigration and National Defense Rips Trump’s Muslim Ban
March on Washington

Beyond the March on Washington

What good is a massive protest unless it's followed by more action?
National Park Service

Trump at Odds With National Park Service

Trump's gag order on the National Park Service is the first salvo in the war on science
Trump executive orders

We Need to Pay Attention to Trump’s Executive Orders

Don't be blinded by alternate facts or crowd sizes and pay attention to what is actually happening
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Should Progressives Oppose Donald Trump No Matter What?

Should Democrats resort to Republican tactics even when it's in their best interest to agree with something?
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The Trump Cabinet is Worse than our New President

On this inauguration day, it isn't Trump we should fear, but who will have his ear
Donald trump, fake news

Donald Trump: The Dictator of Fake News

Whispers of Barack Obama being born in Kenya started circulating on the internet before he was even elected. In the first years of his...
President Trump, parenting

How Good Parents Deal With President Trump

No, America's new leader will not be a good role model for your children.
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What Happens when Donald Trump Loses?

We all know what happens if he wins, but what happens when he becomes loser Donald?
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Terrible Week for Trump Will Prove to be Meaningless

To everyone's horror, Donald Trump will bounce back in the polls and he’ll get some help before November comes

Will You Be A Donald Trump Refugee?

If polls are to be believed, Canada is about to be invaded
Supposed Billionaire Donald Trump

The Supposed Billionaire Donald Trump

Trump's brand is being a successful billionaire, but he's never proven that brand to be true
Trump's Foreign Policy

The Dangers of Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump's foreign policy is built upon contradiction, ignorance and destruction