Jeff Flake and Bob Corker

Jeff Flake and Bob Corker are Republican Cowards

These two establishment Republicans are neither renegades, nor brave
Bears Ears National Monument, protected lands

Trump’s Fraudulent Pragmatism Over Rolling Back Protected Lands

The President is quietly reducing the size of protected, often sacred, lands in order to develop them

Trump Leaves Raqqa and Concern for Civilians in Ruin

A President who can't empathize with his own citizens is bound to leave a legacy of death and destruction abroad
Trump's Racism

Trump’s Racism Shines Through Hurricanes

Trump's Hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands speaks volumes about his disdain for minorities
single-payer health care for everyone

Everyone But Trump Is Ready For Single-Payer Health Care

Even long time centrists are starting to realize the importance of supporting universal healthcare in the age of Trump
steve bannon

Steve Bannon Out, Neocons Back In

Without Trump's racist, but non-interventionist chief strategist, the United States is almost certain to escalate its foreign wars
Transgender, Trump

Trump Can’t Ban Transgender People from the Military Unilaterally

His anti-transgender tweets were meant as a distraction after another bad week, but should still be taken seriously
Syrian Rebels

Donald Trump Ends CIA Support of Syrian Rebels

The CIA operation in Syria did far more harm than good, but many liberals are protesting Trump's decision anyway
Trump and Reagan

Are Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan Alike?

While Donnie and Ronnie might seem similar in a lot of respects, they are also miles apart

Impeachment Would not be the end of Trump

If it happens at all, the actual removal of President Trump from office is likely years away
president trump

President Trump Is An Embarrassment We Might Be Stuck With

Despite all that we've witnessed in the past two weeks, impeaching Trump will be a very difficult task
donald trump, fake populism

Donald Trump and the Alt-Right do not Represent Populism

The mainstream media and the DC establishment need to be reminded of what populism really means
trump rally, trump supporters

Trump Supporters Refuse to hold the President Accountable

Why should Trump accept responsibility for the things he says if his supporters refuse to hold him accountable?
Trump Immigration Agenda

Trump Immigration Agenda Continues to be Shot Down

Despite all the failures with Trump's immigration policies, the damage can still be felt
100 Day Action Plan

Trump’s 100 Day Action Plan has Failed and Failed Bigly

Flip-flopping, baseless accusations and losing have become synonymous with the 45th President
American Interventionism

American Interventionism is a Bipartisan Project

One thing is certain in Washington. You can always count on Democrats and Republicans to agree on going to war
Trump Syria Attack

Liberals Should Not Be Cheering Trump Syria Attack

The argument that Trump became president after launching missiles or that he now stands for Justice in the world is laughable
missile strike

Trump Missile Strike Speech Was Just Another Lie

A new-found compassion for victims masks the real reasons behind military strikes
Russia Hearings

Russia Hearings: Liberal Dream or National Embarrassment?

Regardless of your ideology, what the country needs is the truth
obamacare, tom price, donald trump

Obamacare Will Never be Safe Under Trump

Democrats celebrate while Republicans now set their sights on sabotage