Pete Selleck

Pete Selleck Doubles Down on Voodoo

Wealthy CEOs want even more for themselves and Republicans are hearing their call

Memo To The Republican Base: You Do Math Wrong

Republicans have convinced their voters that Obama's "policies" are to blame for sluggish wage growth. They need to do better math.
NAFTA's Chapter 11

Will NAFTA’s Chapter 11 Help Kill the TPP?

TransCanada's $15 billion lawsuit against Obama illustrates one of the dangers of signing off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Canada get's Economics Right

Canadians get Economics Right, in a Big Way

Canadian voters threw out Prime Minister Harper's austerity-based "new normal" and have got American conservative leaders scared to death!
Capitalism and Social Democracy

Capitalism and Social Democracy

If you want to debate how superior capitalism is to social democracy, you might want to learn what they both mean

Why We Must End Trickle-Down Economics

The greatest lie of our generation is still being preached and practiced by Republicans
Leap Manifesto

Introducing the Leap Manifesto

The heavily supported, most progressive and most needed policy platform since the new deal

Is California Where We’ve Been or Where We’re Going?

For better or worse, the Golden State seems to embody the nation’s aspirations and ambitions
Greek Debt

Greek Debt and the Nature of Economic Slavery

Why this situation in Greece may continue to become increasingly ridiculous
Clean Money in charity

Clean Money in Charity?

We now rely on the politics of corporate charitable foundations to fund the things our government should be responsible for

TiSA: Are We Set to Bow to Corporations like Never Before?

Trade agreements like the TPP, TTIP and the newly leaked TiSA will sideline national laws around the world
Maglev Train

Time for a Maglev Train in the Northeast Corridor

Now is the perfect time for the century old electrified train line to get a magnetic face lift
Reagan, Harper, Balanced Budgets.

Why Conservatives Aren’t Known For Balanced Budgets

No matter where you live, trickle-down economics and balanced budgets don't mix
Kansas Welfare Recipients, Sam Brownback

The Republican Attack on Kansas Welfare Recipients

After Bankrupting the State, Kansas Republicans are going after welfare recipients in unique and unnecessary ways
Elizabeth Warren - Hilary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren Stands Her Ground. Will Hillary?

Senator Elizabeth Warren didn't cave to big banks threats to withhold campaign funds, will Presidential Candidate Clinton do the same?
skid row

Can We Put an End to Skid Row?

The shooting of another poor person by police turns the lens on urban poverty once again
Raising taxes

Are Republicans Backtracking on Raising Taxes?

Republican governors are raising taxes across the land, but at whose expense?
Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback’s Destruction of the Kansas Budget

How trickle down economics and Republican tax cuts are ruining the State's economic future
Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds: The Gift That Has A Hard Time Giving

Donor-advised funds force charities to wait for money and are gobbling up a bigger slice of the U.S. charitable cake
red cross

The American Red Cross needs to be Held Accountable

Public sector disaster relief incompetence been outsourced for non-profit incompetence