art education

Art Education: Creating a Country of Uncreative Kids

Cuts in school art programs may be the reason the United States is falling behind in science and math
American Education

Republicans are Gutting American Education

The "Stupid Party" seems to want everyone to be just like them
Higher Education Costs

America’s Higher Education Costs are no Myth

People like Sandy Baum, who believe the unaffordability of college is a myth, need to look at the facts on the ground
Quality Public School Education

No Right to a Quality Public School Education

Following Governor Snyder's billion dollar cut to public education, a Michigan Court ruled that students don't have to actually learn
free higher education

The Benefits of Free Higher Education

Europe is now almost completely tuition free, while American students are pinned under massive debt. Which is the better system?
Republicans, indoctrination

How Republicans are Indoctrinating our Children

Instead of changing themselves to better represent all Americans, Republicans are resorting to Hitler like tactics