Democrats lost Election 2016

Why Democrats Lost Election 2016 on their Own Terms

Democrats are in complete denial if they think they’re not at fault for Trump’s election win
donald trump loses

What Happens when Donald Trump Loses?

We all know what happens if he wins, but what happens when he becomes loser Donald?
Jill Stein

Jill Stein and the Smear Campaign against Independents

How Jill Stein is being smeared and independent voters marginalized by the political and media establishment
Putin and the 2016 Election

Vladimir Putin and the 2016 Election

Does It really matter If Russia Is involved in America's presidential election?
terrible week for trump

Terrible Week for Trump Will Prove to be Meaningless

To everyone's horror, Donald Trump will bounce back in the polls and he’ll get some help before November comes
Mike Pence’s Political History

A Quick Look at Mike Pence’s Political History

In a way, Donald Trunp's running mate is more dangerous than Trump himself
fear monger

In Fear of the Fear Monger

How the fear of a Donald Trump presidency can be just as dangerous as his own rhetoric
voting independent

Voting Independent is Not a Wasted Vote!

No one should feel obligated to vote for a candidate who doesn't represent their interests
Nate Silver

Nate Silver’s Not-So Believable Prediction

The famous pollster predicts 80% chance of a Hillary presidency after giving Trump a 2% chance of a primary victory
progressive voters

Why Some Progressive Voters are Crying

Hardcore progressives must deal with the fact that real change may not come for another eight years
Presidential Politics

Too Much Presidential Politics

The press, Donald, Hillary and Bernie has made everyone forget about these other important races

Will You Be A Donald Trump Refugee?

If polls are to be believed, Canada is about to be invaded
Donald Trump

Progressives Will Not Vote for Donald Trump

Actual progressives will not be abandoning Clinton in order to vote for Trump
Democratic Primary

The Overly Complicated Democratic Primary

Culminating in the Nevada Convention, many Democrats have felt cheated this primary season
Bernie Supporters

No Evidence of Violence by Bernie Supporters

Despite claims by Hillary surrogates and the mainstream media, there is no evidence of violence occurring at the Nevada Democratic Convention
American Elections

Five Things that would Greatly Improve American Elections

America’s election system is far from perfect, so here are five ways to improve it
Hillary Clinton can lose

Hillary Clinton can Lose to Donald Trump

The Donald has risen to become virtually tied with Hillary in national polls and he has yet to play any Trump cards against her
Bottom of the Barrel of American Politics

Bottom of the Barrel of American Politics

If this current trend of electing unfavorable candidates continues, Donald Trump will be America’s next president
Underestimate Donald Trump

Do Not Underestimate Donald Trump!

The corporate media has been wrong about Trump's chances since he first stepped onto that escalator
earn votes, Hillary Clinton

Hillary has to Earn Votes, Not Demand Them…

Clinton's strategy of ignoring Bernie supporters will backfire on her during the General Election