DNC Lawsuit, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The DNC Lawsuit the Media Refuses to Cover and its Importance

The Democratic National Committee is being sued for fraud and their defense spits in the face of Democracy
Wisconsin Voting Issues

Wisconsin Voting Issues Explained

The only thing that was hacked or stolen in Wisconsin in 2016 was the people's right to vote
Legal Marijuana in Canada

Legal Marijuana in Canada will soon be a Reality, but…

The legislation put forth by the Liberal Government to legalize weed is so bad, you'd think it was written by conservatives
2nd Amendment

Money Behind Push to Defend 2nd Amendment

Why else would you allow guns in the hands of the mentally ill?
Department of Agriculture

Trump Administration Censors the Department of Agriculture

As if the dismissal of refugee rights wasn’t enough, the Trump Administration is now dismissing the rights of animals
Jason Kenney, Trump muslim ban

Trump’s Muslim Ban: Brutal, Ham-Fisted Act of Demagogic Political Theatre

Canada’s Former Conservative Minister of Immigration and National Defense Rips Trump’s Muslim Ban
racial tension

The People Who Profit from Racial Tension

Equality and racial justice won't improve until people stop profiting from hate and fear
Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling: Another Day, Another Police Shooting

With over 500 police shootings in 2016 already, Mr. Sterling becomes just another police victim
Sexual Violence Statistics

Intimate Sexual Violence Statistics

There is far more to sexual violence than just rape and a portion of it occurs within intimate relationships

Progressives and Transgender Restrooms

A progressive approach to restroom policy is one which ensures the rights of all individuals are upheld
Foreign-born Justices

Foreign-Born Justices, not Presidents

If Supreme Court Justices are allowed to be foreign born, why not the president?
Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland Nomination Benefits No One

Before he leaves office, Obama needed to remind us just how un-progressive he can be
Supreme Court

Diverse Candidates for the Supreme Court

Obama's list of possible SCOTUS replacements is so diverse that nominating another white Christian male would be considered a tragedy

Big Government or Big Apple?

The debate over the unlocking of a terrorist's iPhone shows once again that Republicans have no problem with big government

The Relocation of Guantanamo Bay

President Obama’s plan to shut down the infamous terrorist prison is pointless from a Human Rights perspective
sodomy ban

Reaffirming Michigan’s Sodomy Ban

Although banning sodomy has been deemed unconstitutional across the country, Michigan's new anti-sodomy law still poses a threat to the LGBT community
Opinions of Antonin Scalia

The Worst Opinions of Antonin Scalia

The most conservative Justice in recent memory had some pretty crazy views
Antonin Scalia

The Timely Passing of Antonin Scalia

The death of the the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court just made the 2016 Election that much more important

Three Reasons Why the Flint Water Crisis Is Far from Over

Part of the Republican response to the poisoning of Flint has been to deny the crisis even exists
Making A Murderer

Why Making A Murderer is Required Viewing

Steven Avery's case aside, the Netflix documentary exposes just how corrupt our justice system can be