Transgender, Trump

Trump Can’t Ban Transgender People from the Military Unilaterally

His anti-transgender tweets were meant as a distraction after another bad week, but should still be taken seriously
Ronin Shimizu

His Name was Ronin Shimizu

the demise of a twelve-year-old cheerleader was ruled a suicide, but in reality he was bullied to death
Kim Davis

Kim Davis: The Mother of All Religious Hypocrites

The anti-gay clerk from Kentucky is definitely not the face of Christian morality
The Bible is Wrong

The Bible is Wrong about Gay People… Among other Things

Why fundamentalist Christians should not be following biblical laws written in the Bronze Age
Scott Lively

Scott Lively: When Anti-Gay Activists Succeed

After gay rights victories across America, religious fundamentalists are now taking their failed battles to other countries... and winning
Christians Hate Gays

Christians Hate Gays as much as ISIS

Contrary to popular opinion, hate for the LGBT community is quite equal among Abrahamic religions
Commandment Against Homosexuality

Where is the Commandment Against Homosexuality?

If being LGBT is a sin, why isn't it in the Ten Commandments?
sex control

Republicans: The Party of Sex Control

If conservatives had their way, we would hear no sex, see no sex and have no sex

HB2: The Cause and Effect of an Anti-LGBT Law

It's all fun and bigotry until someone loses a job
transgender inmates

This is the Proper Way to House Transgender Inmates

The most progressive policy on the treatment of trans inmates in North America
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Takes A Stand Against Gay Death Penalty

The California Attorney General has called out Matthew Gregory McLaughlin's disturbing ballot initiative
Dalton Maldonado

Dalton Maldonado Refuses to be Left Out

Teachers and parents were all absent as gay high school basketball player suffered abuse and was purposely left out of yearbook

Progressives and Transgender Restrooms

A progressive approach to restroom policy is one which ensures the rights of all individuals are upheld
Todd Courser

Todd Courser, Gays and the End of Days

Michigan’s Christian conservative politicians are going to ridiculous lengths to prevent gays from getting married
sodomy ban

Reaffirming Michigan’s Sodomy Ban

Although banning sodomy has been deemed unconstitutional across the country, Michigan's new anti-sodomy law still poses a threat to the LGBT community
Same-Sex Marriage

Will the Supreme Court Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

Recent history suggests the Supreme Court will rule in its favor, but it could still go either way
Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Michigan’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Republicans in Michigan are getting closer to providing citizens with a license to discriminate
Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal’s Last Stand Against Gay Rights

While other state governors reverse course on religious freedom laws, Louisiana’s Jindal is going full speed ahead
religious freedom

Marriage Equality, Religious Freedom and Cheap Grace

When it comes to Marriage Equality, right-wing Evangelicals don't just want religious freedom, they want freedom without consequences
Ellen Page, Ted Cruz

Ellen Page Grills Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights

Needless to say, Page doesn't get the answers she's looking for...