Independence Referendum and Violence in Catalonia

Controversial vote for independence leaves uncertain future for Spain and Catalonia
labor standards, canada, us, Trudeau, Trump

Why Canadians are Demanding Better Labor Standards in the US

Canadian NAFTA negotiators have demanded the US roll back so-called "right to work" laws

Graham-Cassidy Dead Without Vote

Another failure as Congressional Republicans look forward to midterm elections
endless war, Donald Trump, Democrats

Democrats Vote in Favor of Endless War Under Trump

Senate Democrats are more concerned with being tough on foreign policy than opposing an unstable fascist president
single-payer healthcare, bernie sanders

Why the Rejection of Single-Payer Healthcare Shouldn’t be Tolerated

Across the developed world, universal healthcare is a winning issue, the United States is no different
Repeal Replace, mccain

Repeal Replace and Repair Are All Doomed Again… For Now

John McCain and other Republicans continue to oppose the death of Obamacare
north korea

Tensions Continue to Escalate with North Korea

Trump to meet with Japanese and South Korean leaders today in New York
Syrian Rebels

Donald Trump Ends CIA Support of Syrian Rebels

The CIA operation in Syria did far more harm than good, but many liberals are protesting Trump's decision anyway
corporate democrats

Corporate Democrats are Destroying the Party

Establishment Dems continue to focus on the same things that cost them the 2016 election

Why Trump is Unfit to be President

Donald Trump's first six months in office look an awful lot like Ronald Reagan's last six months
Syrian chemical weapons

No Evidence that Chemical Weapons were used in Syria

New reporting by Seymour Hersh reveals Donald Trump’s claim that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons to be a "fairy tale"
De-escalation Techniques

De-escalation Techniques in Law Enforcement Work

If we want peace in our community, American police must move away from "The Force Model" of law enforcement

Time to Admit Democrats are in Trouble

Democrats keep coming in a close second, but losses are still losses
Russian Sanctions, donald trump

Trump Not Likely to Succeed in Easing Russian Sanctions

The President may find it hard to return a favor should one be owed
Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions’ Testimony Raises More Questions than it Answers

The testimony given by the AG before the Senate Intelligence Committee was a collection of denials and do not knows
How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing

Republicans Are on the Wrong Side of History

How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing
james comey

James Comey Testifies Tomorrow

The former FBI director's testimony could be the most important in U.S. political history or much ado about nothing
Memorial Day

Support the Troops this Memorial Day… End the Wars, Bring them Home

After sixteen years of endless war, it's time to honor our war dead by bringing the rest of our soldiers home alive
DNC Lawsuit, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The DNC Lawsuit the Media Refuses to Cover and its Importance

The Democratic National Committee is being sued for fraud and their defense spits in the face of Democracy
president trump

President Trump Is An Embarrassment We Might Be Stuck With

Despite all that we've witnessed in the past two weeks, impeaching Trump will be a very difficult task