Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn’s Resignation is Just the Beginning

Trump's former National Security Adviser's communications with the Russian Ambassador is likely just a small part of a bigger scandal
Department of Agriculture

Trump Administration Censors the Department of Agriculture

As if the dismissal of refugee rights wasn’t enough, the Trump Administration is now dismissing the rights of animals
Canada-US Relations, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump

Are Canada-US Relations About to Get Rocky Again?

Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump disagree on just about everything
war with iran, donald trump

War With Iran would be Far Worse than the Iraq War

Contrary to what you may be hearing, a war with Iran would not be over in weeks
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
Precedents, Ryan, Mcconnell

Where Have all the Precedents Gone?

It took over 200 years to set government precedents, but it took Republicans just eight years to destroy them
Vladimir Putin, russian boogeyman

Has the Russian Boogeyman Returned?

The Russian Boogeyman has returned! Or has it? Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 has created a narrative that Russia is responsible. The narrative states...
President Trump, parenting

How Good Parents Deal With President Trump

No, America's new leader will not be a good role model for your children.
Democrats lost Election 2016

Why Democrats Lost Election 2016 on their Own Terms

Democrats are in complete denial if they think they’re not at fault for Trump’s election win
Omran Daqneesh

Omran Daqneesh and the New Push for Intervention in Syria

The image of the bloodied Syrian boy in the ambulance is heartbreaking, but serves a bloodier purpose
erdogan, putin, coup

Will Erdogan and Putin be Allies?

With the U.S. supposedly harboring the mastermind of last month's coup attempt, is Turkey looking for a new friend?
Tim Kaine

A Progressive Case Against Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton slapped progressives in the face by choosing Tim Kaine as her Vice Presidential Nominee. By choosing Kaine, Hillary may have just made one of...
wall street threatens Hillary Clinton

Wall Street Threatens Hillary Clinton

Whether she obeys or not, progressives are about to find out if Wall Street money really does influence the Democratic Nominee
progressive voters

Why Some Progressive Voters are Crying

Hardcore progressives must deal with the fact that real change may not come for another eight years
Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen, ISIS, and the LGBTQ Community

A look into the different aspects of the Orlando nightclub shooting
Gun Control Like Abortion

Treating Gun Control Like Abortion

What if liberals tried to restrict the sale of guns the same way conservatives try to restrict abortion?
sanders' revolution

The Sanders’ Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Sorry establishment, revolutions don't end at the ballot box
Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre Chooses Firearms over Freedom

LaPierre doesn’t give a damn about your freedom… unless guns are involved
Bernie Supporters

No Evidence of Violence by Bernie Supporters

Despite claims by Hillary surrogates and the mainstream media, there is no evidence of violence occurring at the Nevada Democratic Convention
Look Who's Back

Look Who’s Back – A Warning from History

Netflix's "Look Who's Back" has Hitler come back in the 21st century to thunderous applause