2016 primary

Corporate Democrats Still Refuse to Admit the 2016 Primary was Rigged

The more the establishment refuses to admit guilt, the more voters will continue to lose trust in the Democratic Party
Jeff Flake and Bob Corker

Jeff Flake and Bob Corker are Republican Cowards

These two establishment Republicans are neither renegades, nor brave
uranium deal, clinton, holder

Uranium Deal: Democrats May Have Corrupt Ties to Russia As Well

Evidence is mounting that suggests corporate Democrats may have a Russia scandal of their own

All Signs Pointing to an Eventual War with Iran

How President Trump may be laying the ground work for a future attack on Iran

Politico Claims Progressives aren’t a Threat to Corporate Democrats

The progressive tidal wave has already started, regardless of how much the establishment denies it
Trump's Racism

Trump’s Racism Shines Through Hurricanes

Trump's Hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands speaks volumes about his disdain for minorities
National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association is a Terrorist Organization

The NRA fights hard on the behalf of would-be domestic terrorists

Independence Referendum and Violence in Catalonia

Controversial vote for independence leaves uncertain future for Spain and Catalonia
endless war, Donald Trump, Democrats

Democrats Vote in Favor of Endless War Under Trump

Senate Democrats are more concerned with being tough on foreign policy than opposing an unstable fascist president
Repeal Replace, mccain

Repeal Replace and Repair Are All Doomed Again… For Now

John McCain and other Republicans continue to oppose the death of Obamacare
single-payer health care for everyone

Everyone But Trump Is Ready For Single-Payer Health Care

Even long time centrists are starting to realize the importance of supporting universal healthcare in the age of Trump
universal healthcare

Is Universal Healthcare Finally in Our Future?

Will the failure of repeal and replace mean the end of Republican dogma on healthcare?

“Neoliberal” is a Chosen Policy Model, Not An “Alt-Left” Smear

Many liberals who support neoliberal Democrats don't seem to understand what the term actually means
Republican Hypocrisy, abbott, cruz

Hurricanes Reveal the Depths of Republican Hypocrisy

Whether it's federal aid or climate change, the insincerity of Republicans can be mind blowing
north korea

Is North Korea a Nuclear Threat?

Will meeting strength with strength as a deterrent turn out to be catastrophic?

Reaganomics is Dividing the Democratic Party More Than Ever

The civil war within the Democratic Party won’t end until laissez-faire capitalism is rejected
steve bannon

Steve Bannon Out, Neocons Back In

Without Trump's racist, but non-interventionist chief strategist, the United States is almost certain to escalate its foreign wars
Confederate statues

Confederate Statues are a Symptom of a Larger Issue

What kind of people honor men who desired to oppress others?
Transgender, Trump

Trump Can’t Ban Transgender People from the Military Unilaterally

His anti-transgender tweets were meant as a distraction after another bad week, but should still be taken seriously
Syrian Rebels

Donald Trump Ends CIA Support of Syrian Rebels

The CIA operation in Syria did far more harm than good, but many liberals are protesting Trump's decision anyway