Melania Trump

Stop Feeling Sorry for Melania Trump

Liberal concern over the well-being of the First Lady is unwarranted and ridiculous
climate change, Scott Pruitt

Ignorance about Climate Change is all the Rage

Republicans, led by climate denier Scott Pruitt, are set to erase a century's worth of government environmental regulations
Neoliberal Politicians

Progressives Will No Longer Settle For Neoliberal Politicians

If Democrats don’t embrace progressive values, they’ll never win again
george w bush

Why are Liberals Recasting George W Bush as Reasonable?

Casting a war criminal as the voice of reason is irresponsible and dangerous
elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren Deserves Forgivness

Despite some bad decisions, Warren is still a progressive titan
2nd Amendment

Money Behind Push to Defend 2nd Amendment

Why else would you allow guns in the hands of the mentally ill?
congressional address

Trump Like Reagan in Congressional Address

Democrats found President Trump's congressional address to be empty and nonsensical, Republicans viewed it as "Reaganesque"
corporate media, donald trump, fake news, real profits

Corporate Media, Fake News and Real Profits

Donald Trump's "fake news" media that helped him get elected stands to benefit significantly from his presidency
party unity ellison perez

Establishment Democrats Beg for Party Unity, Progressives Aren’t Buying It

If the establishment wanted party unity, they shouldn't have ran Tom Perez in the first place
education demolition

Education Needs a Fix, Not Demolition

With DeVos at the helm and republicans calling for its abolition, it looks like public education in America may be doomed
corporate environmental policy

The Trump Administration’s Corporate Environmental Policy

Five reasons why the environment just got a little more corporate
Trump Attacks the Media

The Other Reason Trump Attacks the Media

There is more to his hate for the media than being fact checked
Kevin O'Leary

Is Kevin O’Leary as Dangerous as Donald Trump ?

They're both reality stars, both conservatives and both wealthy businessmen, what separates them?
Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn’s Resignation is Just the Beginning

Trump's former National Security Adviser's communications with the Russian Ambassador is likely just a small part of a bigger scandal
Canada-US Relations, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump

Are Canada-US Relations About to Get Rocky Again?

Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump disagree on just about everything
war with iran, donald trump

War With Iran would be Far Worse than the Iraq War

Contrary to what you may be hearing, a war with Iran would not be over in weeks
republican hypocrisy, Tom Cotton and Jason Rapert

Blatant Republican Hypocrisy

These two Arkansas Republicans are a perfect example of Republican hypocrisy
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
John Bercow

John Bercow Takes A Stand Against President Trump

The people of the United Kingdom and the traditionally neutral Speaker of the House are putting their feet down
Trump Dismisses Violence, Putin, Trump, Oreilly

Trump Dismisses Violence, Still Respects Putin

America is no better than Vladimir Putin, but he’s certainly nothing to admire