Progressives, Bernie Sanders

Progressives Still Have Mountains to Climb

Despite the Bernie Sanders boost, progressives still have an uphill battle on multiple fronts
Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has an Image Problem

The problems in the Democratic Party are not just a matter of progressive vs. liberal
American Interventionism

American Interventionism is a Bipartisan Project

One thing is certain in Washington. You can always count on Democrats and Republicans to agree on going to war
Democrats and Republicans

Democrats and Republicans are not One in the Same

Once you leave the leadership of the parties, there are very stark differences between the Democratic and Republican base
Carter Page

The Evolving Admissions of Carter Page

The former senior campaign staff member is now admitting more about his Trump/Russia connection
Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer’s Passover Blunder

It takes a special kind of person to make Donald Trump look smart by comparison
Vimy Ridge

One Hundred Years After the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Wars don’t make countries great, but can a battle bring a country together?
Trump Syria Attack

Liberals Should Not Be Cheering Trump Syria Attack

The argument that Trump became president after launching missiles or that he now stands for Justice in the world is laughable
missile strike

Trump Missile Strike Speech Was Just Another Lie

A new-found compassion for victims masks the real reasons behind military strikes
Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is Making a Fool of Himself… Again

When it comes to Syria, Cotton and his fellow Republicans are all too eager to forget factual history
border wall

Trump Border Wall is about to take Shape

What we know so far about the border wall the American people will be paying for
Democratic Values, Tom Perez

Democrats Need to Stop Leading with their So-Called Democratic Values

If Democrats want a chance in future elections, they better start changing their message
Russia Hearings

Russia Hearings: Liberal Dream or National Embarrassment?

Regardless of your ideology, what the country needs is the truth
obamacare, tom price, donald trump

Obamacare Will Never be Safe Under Trump

Democrats celebrate while Republicans now set their sights on sabotage

Trumpcare’s Demise could give Rise to Single-Payer

The Republican loss has the potential to become a progressive win
Republicans, trump, freedom caucus

Republicans Need to Decide: Us or Him

On multiple issues, Republicans must choose between their president, their donors and their voters
shree chauhan, Sean Spicer

The Danger of Eugenics: Shree Chauhan vs. Sean Spicer

In questioning the White House spokesperson, Shree Chauhan reveals Sean Spicer's true beliefs
Trump Budget

Trump Budget Proposal to be “Dead on Arrival”

Administration readies to unveil disproportionate and inefficient budgetary changes
Melania Trump

Stop Feeling Sorry for Melania Trump

Liberal concern over the well-being of the First Lady is unwarranted and ridiculous
climate change, Scott Pruitt

Ignorance about Climate Change is all the Rage

Republicans, led by climate denier Scott Pruitt, are set to erase a century's worth of government environmental regulations