war with iran, donald trump

War With Iran would be Far Worse than the Iraq War

Contrary to what you may be hearing, a war with Iran would not be over in weeks
republican hypocrisy, Tom Cotton and Jason Rapert

Blatant Republican Hypocrisy

These two Arkansas Republicans are a perfect example of Republican hypocrisy
new iran sanctions

Trump Administration Imposes New Iran Sanctions

With new sanctions, Trump administration takes a provocative stance with Tehran
John Bercow

John Bercow Takes A Stand Against President Trump

The people of the United Kingdom and the traditionally neutral Speaker of the House are putting their feet down
Trump Dismisses Violence, Putin, Trump, Oreilly

Trump Dismisses Violence, Still Respects Putin

America is no better than Vladimir Putin, but he’s certainly nothing to admire
Resistance to Donald Trump

Democrats Have Put Up a Poor Resistance to Donald Trump

Democratic opposition to Trump's cabinet picks have been a big disappointment to progressives
tillerson, putin, russian sanctions

Trump to Lift Russian Sanctions?

As violence continues in Ukraine, and Tillerson is confirmed, Trump mulls eliminating Obama era sanctions
Justice Democrats

Justice Democrats and the Take Over of the Democratic Party

The plan of progressive minded "Justice Democrats" to take over the Democratic Party must succeed
Jason Kenney, Trump muslim ban

Trump’s Muslim Ban: Brutal, Ham-Fisted Act of Demagogic Political Theatre

Canada’s Former Conservative Minister of Immigration and National Defense Rips Trump’s Muslim Ban
Electoral College

Electoral College Madness – A History

If the American electoral system had been proportional, four past elections would have swung the other way
March on Washington

Beyond the March on Washington

What good is a massive protest unless it's followed by more action?
National Park Service

Trump at Odds With National Park Service

Trump's gag order on the National Park Service is the first salvo in the war on science
Trump executive orders

We Need to Pay Attention to Trump’s Executive Orders

Don't be blinded by alternate facts or crowd sizes and pay attention to what is actually happening
oppose donald trump

Should Progressives Oppose Donald Trump No Matter What?

Should Democrats resort to Republican tactics even when it's in their best interest to agree with something?
Political Ideologies

Political Ideologies Change Throughout Time

American political parties have changed their ideologies in the past, it can happen again...
trump Cabinet

The Trump Cabinet is Worse than our New President

On this inauguration day, it isn't Trump we should fear, but who will have his ear
Vladimir Putin, russian boogeyman

Has the Russian Boogeyman Returned?

The Russian Boogeyman has returned! Or has it? Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 has created a narrative that Russia is responsible. The narrative states...
Cory Booker, corporate democrats

Corporate Democrats Sold Out Progressives, Again…

Big Pharma Democrats will have a tough time weaseling out of this one
american intelligence agencies, CIA, Russia

Questioning American Intelligence Agencies is not Unpatriotic

From the Iraq War to the NSA, questioning America’s intelligence institutions has been the right thing to do. What's changed?
President Trump, parenting

How Good Parents Deal With President Trump

No, America's new leader will not be a good role model for your children.