Why Trump is Unfit to be President

Donald Trump's first six months in office look an awful lot like Ronald Reagan's last six months
Syrian chemical weapons

No Evidence that Chemical Weapons were used in Syria

New reporting by Seymour Hersh reveals Donald Trump’s claim that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons to be a "fairy tale"
focus on russia

Democrats Will Continue to Lose if they Focus on Russia

The focus on Russia's interference in our elections is causing more harm to Democrats than to Trump or Republicans

Time to Admit Democrats are in Trouble

Democrats keep coming in a close second, but losses are still losses
Russian Sanctions, donald trump

Trump Not Likely to Succeed in Easing Russian Sanctions

The President may find it hard to return a favor should one be owed

Guns are (not) the (only) Problem

When it comes to gun control, the actual guns are only part of the problem
Immigration reform

Why We Need to Look at Past Immigration Reform

If we are ever to pass meaningful immigration reform, then looking at our recent past is a good place to start
Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions’ Testimony Raises More Questions than it Answers

The testimony given by the AG before the Senate Intelligence Committee was a collection of denials and do not knows
March Against Sharia

The Real Purpose Behind the March Against Sharia

The motivation behind the protests was about provocation, not Sharia Law
How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing

Republicans Are on the Wrong Side of History

How Republicans put party before country at the James Comey hearing
james comey

James Comey Testifies Tomorrow

The former FBI director's testimony could be the most important in U.S. political history or much ado about nothing
Trump and Reagan

Are Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan Alike?

While Donnie and Ronnie might seem similar in a lot of respects, they are also miles apart
Christians are more violent

How Christians Are More Violent Than Muslims

If Christians want to attack Muslims abroad, they don't need to be extremists
Memorial Day

Support the Troops this Memorial Day… End the Wars, Bring them Home

After sixteen years of endless war, it's time to honor our war dead by bringing the rest of our soldiers home alive
Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks

Why I Would Never Vote for Dwayne Johnson

The Rock jokes that he is a better candidate for president than President Trump, but that’s not good enough.
DNC Lawsuit, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The DNC Lawsuit the Media Refuses to Cover and its Importance

The Democratic National Committee is being sued for fraud and their defense spits in the face of Democracy

Impeachment Would not be the end of Trump

If it happens at all, the actual removal of President Trump from office is likely years away
president trump

President Trump Is An Embarrassment We Might Be Stuck With

Despite all that we've witnessed in the past two weeks, impeaching Trump will be a very difficult task
eric greitens

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’ Ethics Violations

His proposals to reform Missouri's ethics laws are overshadowed by his own ethical violations
progressive policies

Five Progressive Policies that Liberals Need to Support

Contrary to the establishment’s narrative, most Progressives aren’t purists, but we do have simple demands