March on Washington

Women of the World March on Washington

From Washington, to my hometown of Montreal, women are grabbing back
Sexual Violence Statistics

Intimate Sexual Violence Statistics

There is far more to sexual violence than just rape and a portion of it occurs within intimate relationships

Anti-Abortion Movement: How the Past Became the Present

How anti-abortion activists across the country are once again endangering the lives of women everywhere

Caitlyn Jenner’s Contradictory Conservatism

For Jenner to say that Hillary's record on woman's right is selfish and self serving is reproachable.
planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood Suffers Cyber Attack

The pro-life community needs to wake up and realize that abortion is not equal to murder
jane doe alabama

The Insane Abortion Case of Jane Doe Alabama

The Republican war on women in Alabama has reached epic ridiculousness
Rape Kit Backlog

America’s Massive Rape Kit Backlog

For every untested rape kit, there is a rape victim waiting for justice

Angelina Jolie Pitt Op-Ed Sparks Right-Wing Criticism

The haters come out after Angelina Jolie's ovaries and fallopian tubes are surgically removed
Men Dominate the Headlines

Why Men Dominate the Headlines

To celebrate women’s history month, let's take a look at what men are currently doing

What If We Had No Word for Rape?

Changing the societal script may be the answer to an age old problem

Why I Don’t Have #QuestionsforMen

Why should a woman care about a man’s opinion if they refuse to respect women?
Prison Inequality

Prison Inequality: Women and Race

Gender inequality isn't limited to wages, it's also alive and well in our justice system

In the NFL, Balls Matter, Women Don’t

Why does the NFL prefer to talk about their balls instead of the real issues plaguing the league?
Campus Sexual Assaults

The Truth About Campus Sexual Assaults

What is being done (and not being done) to halt the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses
Assault on Abortion Rights

Republicans Plan Heavy Assault on Abortion Rights

Newly elected Republican legislators are gearing up for a new round of attacks on abortion rights

Who Says “No” to #YesAllWomen?

In the wake of Elliot Rodger's lethal and misogynistic rampage #YesAllWomen began trending on twitter. Powerful statements have been made about the horrors women regularly experience. It was eye-opening. Naturally, it was immediately attacked by the boorish and hateful.
Prostitution in Canada

Will Prostitution in Canada Remain Decriminalized?

Prostitution in Canada is legal in itself, but there are laws against street soliciting, living on the avails of prostitution and keeping a brothel. All that might be about to change.