education demolition

Education Needs a Fix, Not Demolition

With DeVos at the helm and republicans calling for its abolition, it looks like public education in America may be doomed
corporate environmental policy

The Trump Administration’s Corporate Environmental Policy

Five reasons why the environment just got a little more corporate
Trump Attacks the Media

The Other Reason Trump Attacks the Media

There is more to his hate for the media than being fact checked
depleted uranium

US Military Admits to using Depleted Uranium in Syria

The admission by the Pentagon raises questions about the humanitarian nature of US foreign policy
Electoral College, Donald Trump

Trump’s Electoral College Lie

Trump's electoral college win is actually one of the poorest in the modern era
Kevin O'Leary

Is Kevin O’Leary as Dangerous as Donald Trump ?

They're both reality stars, both conservatives and both wealthy businessmen, what separates them?
Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn’s Resignation is Just the Beginning

Trump's former National Security Adviser's communications with the Russian Ambassador is likely just a small part of a bigger scandal
Department of Agriculture

Trump Administration Censors the Department of Agriculture

As if the dismissal of refugee rights wasn’t enough, the Trump Administration is now dismissing the rights of animals

The 45th President

The Gun Control Movement

The Climate Movement

Progressive Culture

nicole, snowflakes

My Daughter and I are not Snowflakes

Teaching my daughter to question things, be kind and empathetic does not make us "snowflakes"