Mulvaney CFPB

Trump Will Succeed in Unraveling the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is about to fall into the wrong hands
Tech Monopolies, facebook, amazon, google

Why the Giant Tech Monopolies Must Be Broken Up

When one man makes nearly $2.4 billion in one day, it’s time for change
Peace in Syria

Finding Peace in Syria Will Not Involve the United States

As Russia, Turkey and Iran look to end hostilities in Syria, American influence is dwindling in the region
Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct and the Culture War Between Left and Right

The Charlie Rose allegations are another front in a culture war that's splitting America down ideological lines
socialism, Lee Carter

Socialism and Leftists are Succeeding Across America

Americans, led by millennials, are rebelling against crony capitalism and embracing the dreaded "S" word
Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, trump

Saudi Arabia: The Greatest Threat to Peace?

Are Trump and Netanyahu using Saudi Arabia to heighten hostilities with Iran in order to start an eventual conflict?
Roy Moore

Roy Moore, Pedophilia and Religious Manipulation

The religious community is allowing itself to be manipulated by Roy Moore's Pedophilia defense
2016 primary

Corporate Democrats Still Refuse to Admit the 2016 Primary was Rigged

The more the establishment refuses to admit guilt, the more voters will continue to lose trust in the Democratic Party

The 45th President

The Gun Control Movement

The Climate Movement

Bears Ears National Monument, protected lands

Trump’s Fraudulent Pragmatism Over Rolling Back Protected Lands

The President is quietly reducing the size of protected, often sacred, lands in order to develop them

Progressive Culture